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Steel Bi Fold Door vs Aluminium Bi Fold Door

The differences between Steel and Aluminium Bifold Doors.

Bi Fold Doors

When looking for a new patio door a bi folding door is still one of the most popular design choices available. A bifold door set will open up an entire wall of a house to the garden providing a 90% clear opening. This is a great solution for projects looking for an internal to external living space that act as one environment. Read more “Steel Bi Fold Door vs Aluminium Bi Fold Door”


The Importance of Thermally Broken Frames

When you are looking at metal window and door options you may see the term ‘thermally broken’ or ‘non-thermally broken’ scattered throughout the information you are reading.

If you are not experienced in selecting or specifying steel frames this may be a foreign phrase to you but it is one that is very important when choosing the steel window/door system. Read more “The Importance of Thermally Broken Frames”


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The Mondrian® Glazing office and showroom is now closed for the Christmas break and will reopen at 8.30am on Monday 8th January 2018.

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