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Steel patio doors on single storey kitchen extension Case Study's

Triptych House

Contemporary Architecture

Triptych house is a Grade II listed dwelling in Winchester, Hampshire, located next to a large 18th Century manor house.  The extension and renovation of this property was carried out by Paul Cashin Architects who specialise in modern, thoughtful and sensitive building and design projects.  

Modern kitchen with steel patio doors and rooflight


The single-storey conservatory-style kitchen and dining space at the rear of the property has been installed with the Mondrian external double doors with sidelight and solar control glass.  The client wanted to upgrade the conservatory into a new contemporary extension as well as renovating the rest of the property. 

A representative of Paul Cashin Architects stated, “When dealing with existing buildings, we always look to enhance the inherent character of each space, rather than work against the architecture of the building. We see our work as enabling each building to embody its underlying qualities and for each room to become more ‘itself’.” 

This is shown with the use of the Mondrian Glazing system as the aesthetics allow for a contemporary design to blend in with a more traditional renovation project so was a great choice of door system for this grade II listed property.

 Steel patio doors on single storey kitchen extension


All Mondrian windows and doors are made to measure by the artisan fabricators at IQ Glass UK.  The steel systems are finished individually by hand, ensuring the strength and quality of each welded connection.  This specific external Mondrian glazing system measures at 3600mm wide and 2300mm high with a slim framing of only 57.5mm.  The frame is thermally broken for enhanced thermal insulation providing a Uw value of 1.5 W/m2K.


Modern kitchen with steel patio doors

patinated antique look Windows Advice

What is Patination?

Achieving an antique glazing aesthetic

Patination is the process of using chemicals to develop or form colour on the surface of metals, particularly bronze and copper. The application of chemicals to the surface of the metal speeds up the natural ageing process which results in a colour change. The colour of the metal can be altered depending on the length of time that the chemicals are left on the surface of the metal for.

The process of Patination is similar to rusting whereby the colour of the metal changes due to chemical reactions within the air, however rusting isn’t a beneficial process for the metal. Patination can occur gradually over time due to natural weathering however, to create the desired finish straight away the process can be accelerated.

Architectural Bronze Patination - Shopping centre Antwerp

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fluted glass for office spaces Advice

Fluted glass for Steel Glazing Systems

What is fluted glass?

fluted glass

Fluted glass is a form of decorative glass that is identifiable by its numerous vertical grooves. This textured glass is the perfect solution to achieve an element of privacy within the home while still allowing light to shine through. The flutes of the glass let the light in but distort direct sunlight to reduce harsh glares within the internal spaces. Fluted glass is popular among architects and interior designers who are looking to add texture within glazing systems while also adding privacy to living spaces. Read more “Fluted glass for Steel Glazing Systems”