Architectural Bronze

architectural bronze windows to a listed building


Architectural Bronze, sometimes referred to as Patinated Bronze or Brass, is a modern alloyed version of the ancient bronze metal that has been used in window and door manufacture for centuries. This frame material helps create a luxurious yet timeless design to any window and door. 

architectural bronze window frame to london development
What is Architectural Bronze?

Architectural Bronze is a modern alloy that is made from a mixture of copper, zinc and various additional metals to create different bronze alloys with varying characteristics. The copper element of the metal’s makeup provides the material with high levels of corrosion resistance. Zinc offers the metal high levels of tensile strength and durability which allow the metal to be used to create extremely slim profiles with high durability.

The resulting architectural bronze elements ‘patinate’ or darken over time as they are exposed to light and moisture. This aging can be sped up via an acid treatment to enhance the aging process of the bronze metals and offer you that antique appearance from the first day of installation.

What are the benefits of Architectural Bronze in windows and doors?

Architectural bronze offers a unique finish to a window and door frame, resulting in an extremely high end, luxury appearance to any application. The high levels of strength that can be achieved from this alloy allow any windows and doors made from the material to have very slim frames, maximising light in any window opening, especially if it is small.

architectural bronze door to historical building
Due to the patination process you achieve a beautifully aged appearance to the window frames with depth and character. Each installation of an architectural bronze frame will be slightly different offering you varying tones of bronze depending on the location and exposure of the window.

Once finished an architectural bronze window frame will need to be waxed in order to seal the patinated finish and ensure that it doesn’t age too quickly.

What are the uses of Architectural Bronze?

Architectural Bronze is easily accessible to be used as a cladding material. The Romans used to use the ancient, softer version of bronze as door cladding many centuries ago and an architectural bronze finish to a door can offer a real ‘wow’ factor.

Thanks to thermal break technology and modern manufacturing techniques architectural bronze can now also be used as a luxury window and door framing material. Our entire Mondrian® CWS range of external windows and doors are available with Architectural Bronze as a framing option.